Listed here are 5 well being dangers of making use of eye make-up

Listed here are 5 well being dangers of making use of eye make-up

Don’t we women simply love our make-up? It’s so a lot enjoyable to boost your look and dazzle everybody, particularly with the attention shadows which give our eyes all types of various shades, glitter and glam. The darkish strokes of kohl make our eyes look so daring and delightful. However all of this will come at a price – the chance of eye infections. Let’s hear from a physician who tells us the dangerous results that eye make-up can have on our well being.

Eyes are essentially the most lovely and but essentially the most delicate a part of our physique. Making use of eye make-up that’s full of chemical substances or taking these applicators so near the attention can by no means be protected. Why attempt to improve one thing that’s already so lovely and that too on the danger of your well being.

eye makeup risks
Making use of eye make-up can get scary! Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Well being Pictures reached out to Dr Neha Arora, Advisor within the Division of Oculoplasty at Sharp Sight Eye Hospital. She says, “Repeated improper use of the identical make-up, particularly merchandise for the attention with out correct and well timed elimination or care may cause critical eye infections.”

Dangers concerned when making use of completely different sorts of eye make-up

1. Scratched cornea

Injury to the cornea is among the many most extreme accidents that eye make-up can result in. It’s fairly doable to scratch your cornea whereas making use of eye make-up with a mascara applicator or eyeliner. “If an damage does occur, it may end up in a corneal abrasion that might additional get gravely contaminated, inflicting considerably extra issues,” says Dr Arora.

eye makeup can affect cornea
Making use of eye make-up would possibly finish you up with a scratched cornea. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis, extra generally referred to as pink eye, is the commonest eye difficulty related to eye make-up. “Although the vast majority of cosmetics include preservatives that ought to cease micro organism from rising it’s nonetheless fairly doable for micro organism to develop in your make-up,” says Dr Arora. Generally, this occurs if the make-up is expired or has not been correctly hid.

3. Subconjunctival deposition

One other critical difficulty attributable to make-up might be the buildup of mascara deposits beneath the eyelids. This would possibly occur as a consequence of years of heavy mascara use with out taking care to take away it correctly and fully. Dr Arora explains that small items of mascara can get caught contained in the eyelid after which type into stable concretions which may find yourself scratching the cornea and trigger irritation and discomfort. These concretions would possibly additional trigger everlasting scarring of the cornea or the eyelid or each and would possibly require surgical procedure for its elimination.

4. Allergic reactions

Dr Arora says, “As a rule, an allergic response to a selected form of eye make-up may end up in redness, irritation, oedema, or an infection of the eyes.” So, earlier than buying a make-up product, it’s essential to learn the label and examine for chemical substances which are dangerous or to which the particular person is particularly allergic. You are able to do a patch take a look at and in the event you discover an hostile response, make certain to search for another safer product.

5. Darkish circles

We use concealers to cowl our darkish circles. However guess what? These make-up merchandise can worsen your darkish circles. The attention is essentially the most delicate a part of the physique, as the world round it and the eyelid is skinny and fairly delicate. “Eye make-up most of the time has dangerous chemical-based merchandise which may set off darkish circles round these delicate components, if they don’t seem to be correctly eliminated earlier than mattress or if worn for an extended time period,” says Dr Arora.

dark circles due to eye makeup
Darkish circles could be a results of leaving eye make-up for lengthy hours. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Physician’s recommendation: This can be very necessary and essential to take correct care whereas utilizing eye make-up. Among the components one should guarantee are checking for expiration date or dangerous chemical substances and guarantee well timed elimination of make-up.


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